Week 1 Meal Planning

Wow, I cannot believe how fast that chemistry mid-term grade came back. I bet all teachers everywhere wished they could use ScanTron for grading tests. What a time saver!

Speaking of time savers, today is the day for me to do meal prep and planning for the upcoming week. I posted my beginning stats on Wednesday but didn’t jump headlong into the lifestyle change simply because change requires effort and I had mid-terms last week. Instead, I upped my veggie intake by eating salads for lunch and I doubled and tripled dinner meals in order to stock my freezer. If you need some help with salad variety, check out this book.  Even my meat loving man has found salads he likes.


Low Carb Breakfast “Cereal”

Meals on my meal prep list for this afternoon are low carb breakfast “cereal”, refrigerator oatmeal, shredded chicken, and meatballs. I’ll freeze the meatballs and shredded chicken into meal size portions for use later in the month. Yeah, such easy dinner starters.

Here’s my menu for the week:

Breakfast: low carb breakfast “cereal” with almond milk, refrigerator oatmeal, doTERRA Trim Shakes with Terra Greens, repeated as necessary.

Lunch: Southwest Chicken salad, Tuna salad ala Romaine, and Sweet Kale/Romaine salad with boiled egg, bacon, and cheese, repeated as necessary.

Dinner: Zucchini lasagna, Shredded chicken tostadas on sprouted grain corn tortillas, Meatball sandwiches (over zucchini noodles for me), Salsbury meatballs over Cauli Rice, Beef Barley soup, and Ginger Beef Pot Roast.

If you’re interested in any of the recipes, please leave a comment. See you Wednesday for the weigh-in.




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