Tracking Measurements Week Two

One full week under my belt and the lesson for the week is simply this: Tracking measurements is an important part of any weight loss journey.

Tracking Measurements Not Weight

Tracking Measurements Not Weight

We typically rely on the scale to measure our progress. Let’s face it. We have an emotional relationship with that number. If the number goes up, our spirits go down. A morning weigh-in can ruin our entire day. Here’s the thing. Weight fluctuations are completely normal and happen daily for a few reasons. Hormone fluctuations, hydration, exercise, eating habits, and even digestion are reasons why our weight may increase though our calories have decreased.

For instance, carb heavy meals can cause us to retain water because of the blood sugar rise. Constipation can add a few pounds while sweat-inducing exercise can cause us to lose a couple pounds if we’re not replacing the lost fluids. Hormones, too, can cause water retention. When we look at that number on the scale, we’re not just seeing OUR weight. We’re also seeing our water weight.

Tracking measurements along side our weight gives us a better measure of the progress we’re making. While our cells may be retaining a bit of extra water, our measurements will tell the truth about whether we’ve lost fat. If you haven’t already done so, you canĀ Download Your Free Progress Log to help you keep track of your measurements.

This morning, my scale was up. Fortunately, I’d taken my measurements first, so I already knew I’d made progress this week. That number didn’t bother me one bit. So, take a tip from me and measure yourself first on weigh-in days. You’ll see your progress before that scale number can rob you of your joy.

Here’s my stats for the week:


I’ll be back this weekend with some more thoughts on meal prep. If you’d like me to address a particular topic, please leave a comment.



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